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That's normal!

Leaving your pet with someone – often a total stranger – can be scary, and I get that! I want all my clients to be able to rest assured that their beloved fur babies are truly going to be looked after with the utmost care.

That’s why I always insist on having a free meet and greet at the client’s home before the initial booking, for me to meet you and your pets, and run through the booking details. During this meeting I love to be asked as many questions as it takes for you to feel as comfortable as possible!

Please have a look through my different services, and the FAQs down below, so that you can feel more at ease about the whole process even before we meet. I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful pets!


– Little Man & Buddy, fur-clients


For pet visits, each visit lasts up to half an hour. I can’t give a definitive amount of time because every pet is different! If your pet is very sociable, I’ll definitely be there for the full half hour. If your pet would really prefer to be alone, I’ll just do my duties, see if he/she would like a few pats, and then be on my way.

Totally up to you!
I will start at a time of your choosing, from 7am onwards.
I will finish at a time of your choosing, before 7pm – or, if you need me to stay after 7pm, it’s an extra $10 per hour after that (eg. for day sitting plus dog walking from 8am to 9pm, it’s $55 + $10 + $10 = $75).

During the day I will be there most of the day, unless I need to pop out every now and then for an hour or two for other short bookings (visits or walks). This is also up to you – if I have nothing else booked at the time of your booking, I will consult you for any other bookings requested for that day; if I already have other bookings at the time of your booking, I will notify you of how long the other bookings will take, and you can decide if you’d still like to go ahead.

Yes I do! It’s always good to take precautions.

I will send you a form before the booking commences, which includes a section for vet details and payment method in case of an emergency. I will keep this on hand in case of an emergency. If I see the situation as an emergency, I will immediately take your pet to the vet, and try to get in contact with you ASAP. If I am unsure, I will contact you and ask for your decision on the matter before taking action.

I totally understand that unforeseen circumstances happen! If this is a rare occurrence, don’t worry about it – just let me know ASAP. However, if last-minute cancellations (within 12 hours) start to become a regular occurrence, I will start to charge a 50% fee for the first day of the cancelled booking (after letting you know, of course).

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I visit with your pet at your home, either once or twice a day, for up to half an hour per visit.
I take your dog for a walk for either half an hour or an hour – great for those unusually busy days.