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Day Sitting

Why would I need a day sitter?

If your pet requires more attention than just having someone visit for half an hour once or twice a day, but rather needs someone there for most of the day, then a day sitter might be what you’re looking for. Your fur baby will receive love and play time throughout the day!

What does day sitting include?

For day sitting, the day’s plans entirely depend on your and your pet’s needs. I can arrive any time from 7am, and I’ll stay until 7pm at the latest (or I can stay later at an additional charge of $10 per hour after 7pm). While there, I will play with your pet and give them tonnes of snuggles. At meal times, I’ll feed them according to your instructions, and make sure their water is full throughout the day. If your dog needs to go for their walk while I’m there, then I will do that, too! Additionally, I can water plants, bring in mail, bring in/take out the bins, change over the lights, and anything else you may need.

Day Sitting
Day Sitting (excl. dog walking)
Day Sitting (incl. dog walking)

– Winnie, day sitting fur-client

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I visit with your pet at your home, either once or twice a day, for up to half an hour per visit.
I take your dog for a walk for either half an hour or an hour – great for those unusually busy days.