Pet Visits

Why would I need pet visits?

Rather than taking your pet to a kennel or cattery when you go away, allowing them to stay in the comfort of their own environment means a happier and healthier pet! Keeping your pet’s normal routine when you go away means they don’t have to go through any more stress during your absence, and they can get one-on-one attention from their pet sitter during the visits.

What do pet visits involve?

Each day, for up to half an hour (depending on your particular pet’s needs), I will come over and spend time with your pet. I will give your pet loads of playtime and affection. I will feed them, refresh their water, clean out the litter box, and give them their medication if necessary. I can also water plants, bring in mail, bring in/take out the bins, change over the lights, and anything else you may need.

Pet Visits
1 Visit / Day
One visit of up to ½ an hour.
2 Visits / Day
Two visits of up to ½ an hour each.

– Zelda, pet visits fur-client

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I take your dog for a walk for either half an hour or an hour – great for those unusually busy days.